"The history of Gabon is also my history!
Their suffering is my suffering!
Ben Moubamba

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"The Beast that was, it is no longer. And it reappears at the end of time!

It is a creation of Shagall

"The Beast that was, it is no longer. And it reappears at the end of time!

To my son BBM Junior,

Socrates said in a well-known example of syllogism that: “All men are mortal, but Socrates is a man; therefore Socrates is mortal ".
Because I’m mortal, I don’t know if you’ll ever read good things about your father later. As you told me, most critics are often in bad faith.
You are a bit interested in philosophy and I wish you, one day, to read François de La Rochefoucauld's "Maxims". They show that the human being is bad because possessed, in his soul, by a demon, which is called self-love.
I want to continue to explain to you the deep vision that led me to sacrifice my existence for Gabon, apparently for nothing but differently from other actors. I want to talk to you about "the Beast that was", the Woman seated on the Beast and the Gabonese Antichrist.
This is only an attempt to interpret Gabonese extracts from the Biblical Book of Revelation. And like all interpretations, it is relative.

I. So, above the Gabonese Beast "who was", stands an evil woman, a messy ideology, an incarnation of tyrannical institutions, a loveless motherhood ...
In any case, a symbolic entity without soul, disturbing and straddling Gabonese realities which are "the Beast that was, it is no more. And it comes back to the end of the world (Revelation 17,8) ”.

a) Before all things, in the apocalypse 17,6, when the Apostle John describes his vision concerning the woman, the prostitute of Babylon, "the lady of the Sea sitting on several hills of a city, of the kind from Libreville, he says this:
"When I saw her, I was seized with great astonishment (in the sense of wonder)", ... as if he had seen, like Commander Cousteau, an extraordinary sub-aquatic female entity at Pointe -Denis off Libreville.

b) In chapter 13 of the Apocalypse, the Apostle John describes the “Beast rising from the Sea”, like a mystico-political system arisen from the sea (the monster of bongoism appeared, indeed, on the edges of the 'Estuaire du Komo, in Libreville, in 1967 and set out again in the sea in 2009 after the death of Omar Bongo, in June of the same year, as far as we are concerned), as well as “the Antichrist” (it that is to say, any Bongo or anyone in mystical alliance with them, as far as Gabon is concerned), who is the main head of the Beast in Gabon, a Siamese monster with several heads, the head of the 'Gabonese antichrist is that of a king (of a President) wounded to death but who returns, to be venerated at the end of time (bongoists) in the form of moving images and who speak to us.
And that’s exactly what happened with Ali Bongo.

II. Why such amazement and wonder at the woman or the entity sitting on the Beast that was?
But because the evil woman, nursing motherhood but without love (the spirituality of the Gabonese power in a country which is not a promised land where flows the milk and honey of the mother country), the Beast itself ( the Bongo-PDG mystico-political system) and
the Antichrist (the king, the head of the Beast, Omar, Ali, Pascaline where any Bongo and anyone related to the Bongo Family) form a single entity.
They are the same and it's quite unique in the world!

a) Even in China, the families of Mao Tse-tung, Deng XIAO PING or Xi PING are not intrinsically linked to the mystique of Chinese power as in Gabon. As if Tony STARK had merged with his famous IRON MAN armor.
It’s the same for Vladimir Putin’s family in Russia, for all the leaders of the Western world and for African countries like Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire. And yet these leaders are also heads of Chinese dragon, Russian bear, English leopard, American eagle or Ivorian elephant.
Do you understand the problem of Gabon, my child?
The problem in Gabon is the fusion between the woman or the mystic of power, the Beast or the mystico-political system and the Antichrist or the head of the Beast, the king ... the President.
In Gabon, the woman on the Beast, the Beast herself (the mystical-political system) and the Gabonese Antichrist, i.e. all Bongo and all Bongo relatives are only one entity per covenants, alliances, sex, death and corruption.
This is the whole problem of the country!
So the problem of the country is above all mystical-political and that is why, you observe that even the Opponents and the Actors of Gabonese Civil Society cannot fundamentally change things because they form the same entity with "the woman on the Beast ”and its ideology, the systemic Beast itself and the Gabonese Antichrist, whatever the first name you give to this Bongo or his relatives.
Precisely, any Bongo or related, who presents himself in the appearance of a god.

b) We cannot understand the failure of those who want to save Gabon without knowing anything about the mystical-political agreements with the Beast that was and the Gabonese Antichrist (the Man who takes himself for God) without understanding the mystery of the Lady seated on the Beast, of the Beast herself and of the Antichrist, the king who is the head of the Beast "who was (Omar), who is no longer (Ali) and who returns (Pascaline and Ping ).
This is why, the whole world and the Gabonese were seized by the stupor and the amazement to see the Bongo and their relatives in all their confused tendencies, directing Gabon for 53 years and trying to do it for 50 years more, through a thousand subterfuges, which include the Bongo of the opposition or neighboring countries of Gabon.

c) Working with the Bongo or those who have had children with them or who have signed blood, silver or mystical pacts with the Bongo clan is to work with and for "the Beast that was", the woman or the ideology seated on the Beast and for the Gabonese Antichrist who is the main head of the Beast, and forms one and the same entity with it. And that’s why Gabon is not moving forward but going backwards.
Everyone (at least not me, despite my 11 months in a Bongo government where I rather learned to lead a country, rather than to unite myself spiritually to the Beast who was, the woman on the Beast and to the proud Antichrist of the land of Gabon), each has passed his pact with the Beast (the system) and the Gabonese Antichrist (that is to say any Bongo, or related).
This is the real problem: I modestly but spiritually represent a new system, a Christic Beast: the lamb of Moabi who takes away the sin of Gabon. I was rejected by everyone as the head of a new system: the lamb system, not the black panther or the Apocalypse leopard.

d) Only a spiritual, intellectual and political revolution can save Gabon and not just a single individual.
We must stop following the figures of the Antichrist in Gabon (including the religious or mystics of the Beast) and break with the mystico-economic-political system which crosses, like a sea monster, like a new Leviathan, the whole Gulf from Guinea (area of ​​all traffic elsewhere and of all maritime piracy precisely) diagonally to Gabon.
This is the real change!
Change and renewal cannot consist in taking the elements of the evil entity of "Gabonese realities (the woman, the Beast and the main head of the Beast, the Gabonese Antichrist) to give him blood to drink all the time at the expense of real people.
The political world, the Live Forces of the Gabonese Nation go astray day and night in human sacrifices, barbaric and dubious practices, excessive witchcraft, violence of all kinds, massive embezzlement, the organization of the misery of the populations , crimes of all kinds to feed "the Beast that was" by the suffering and unhappiness of people).
And I say that those days are now over, by virtue of universal Providence, in the name of principles, values ​​and standards.

III. She fell, she fell, Babylon the great ... prostitute (Revelation 14,8)
This lady sitting on the Beast, this woman, this prostitute, this evil ideology, this bad spirituality and these calamitous institutions ... fell in June 2009 with the death of Omar Bongo in Spain but even more, in October 2018, with Ali Bongo's double stroke in Saudi Arabia during an Economic Forum where he was mischievously assigned.
She fell, this demonic entity, which, far from being only a mythical figure of Gabonese realities, is embodied in blasphemous names such as: Constitutional Court, BGFI, Delta Synergy, Nursing Maternity, Black Panther, Temple of this and Fraternal That, Republican Guard, Foundation X, Church, Religion, OLAM, or Association Y ...
And as Apocalypse 17, 8 insists: “The Beast (the mystical-political system of Gabonese realities) that you saw was, and it is no longer (Omar Bongo, 2009).
It must rise from the abyss, and go to perdition (Ali Bongo, 2018).
And the inhabitants of the earth (Gabonese) those whose name was not written from the foundation of the world in the book of life, will be surprised when they see the beast, because it was, and that it does not is more, and that it will reappear (Pascaline Bongo, 2026 through Jean PING). "

a) So, "the Beast that you saw was, and it is no longer", it is the Bongoism embodied by the Gabonese Democratic Party and its emanations in all the "living forces of the Nation", including the famous Gabonese diaspora, frankly, Gabonese from outside the country.
In any case, she works with a "dragon" and Omar Bongo (Albert Bongo) was the first head of the Beast, the first Gabonese Antichrist.
Indeed, Omar Bongo died in June 2009, after having condemned his own system: the Beast which was in 1967!
Could the system be regenerated after his death in 2009? Could the Beast live again? There has always been the whole question!

b) "She (the Beast) must rise from the abyss, and go to perdition".
- Ali Bongo, the second head of the Beast, took power in Gabon on August 27, 2009 in blood and in particular in Port-Gentil, despite unprecedented urban riots, in this city;
- Pierre-Claver Nzeng Ebome, a famous musician and a former minister died in 2010, murdered (carp operation) by the Beast and its tentacles in the opposition;
- Pierre-Mamboundou died in 2011, assassinated (catfish operation) by the Beast directly via the betrayal of his family;
- André Mba Obame died in 2015, assassinated (machoiron operation) by the Beast and via his own;
- During the first mandate of the Gabonese Antichrist Ali Bongo, the phenomenon of ritual crimes or blood crimes will explode, the network known as of the “foreign legion will siphon the finances of the country and Ali Bongo will end up killing dozens of Gabonese following the official proclamation of the results of the presidential election, on August 31, 2016.
And it was against a background of killings and faced with the weakness of the opposition entrenched in embassies, that I decided in my soul and consciousness of "recognizing" the victory of Ali Bongo to preserve the lives of civilians who could do nothing against soldiers armed to the teeth.

c) Quote: Revelation 13, 3: “And I saw one of its heads as wounded to death; but his deadly wound was healed. And the whole world was in awe of the beast. ” Ali Bongo ended up falling in Ryad on October 24, 2018, victim of his false friends, after he went (victim of a form of naivety) to an Economic Forum where everything had been prepared so that he did not never come back alive.
How else to explain the disappearances of his personal butler, his Korean bodyguard, his personal doctor, his brother and the rise of his related wife Bongo? It's simple: the Beast (the mystical-spiritual system) and the Gabonese Antichrist (any Bongo, including relatives and associates) are a single mystical-political entity.

IV. The Gabonese were blinded from 2009 to 2016 by artificial lights, that is to say by long speeches which sound false but which appeal to the masses, as in a cave, a prison where nothing shines.
It is up to them to accept a new ideology and a new discourse to promote the "exit to the day of the Nation" under a sun of Justice and Truth!
Ben MOUBAMBA, always fought, sometimes beaten but never shot, organized a demonstration in Libreville (Rio) which could have changed the course of the history of Gabon, on August 7, 2009.
Who dispersed the demonstration? Opponents and not least.
What did that mean?
That the Beast that was, the evil woman seated on the Beast, the Gabonese Antichrist and his tentacles are one and the same entity and that anyone who opposes the opposition, in the power of the Gabonese Antichrist, opposes the Beast and the ideological and evil entity sitting on the Beast like a woman.
That one becomes a grain of sand in the system of "the Beast which was, which is no more. And which reappears ”at the end of the bongoist times.

a) From 2009 to 2016, Ali Bongo, the Gabonese Antichrist failed in all his "development" enterprises in Gabon. The country did not work: he surrounded himself mainly with personalities having no connection with the country but especially the Beast and the Gabonese Antichrist were less and less one and the same entity.
Despite the targeted assassinations of certain opponents, despite the blood crimes or the ritual crimes of flowering. Nothing worked!
Antichrist Ali no longer got along with his sister Pascaline or his other brothers and sisters, with the exception of one or the other.
It's normal: Omar Bongo, the first head of the Beast had condemned and killed his own system before his death in 2009 by his famous Maxim: God did not give us the right to make Gabon what we are doing 'make it ... I put Gabon in the hands of God'.
By this act, he confessed, released his souls from the possession of the Beast that was and waited for death because he was aware of having invented a very bad system.
This system died with him in June 2009.
All attempts to give "the Beast that was", a new head to the mystico-political system, "in the manner of Mwana Mboka (Omar Bongo), is doomed to failure , because as Revelation 17, 8 says: "the Beast that was no more ..,"

b) And it is here that the Gabonese must be reminded that everything was done in 2016, that the misfortune of today is not ready to stop as long as the populations persist in letting themselves be bewitched by artificial lights and therefore by long speeches which sound false, which make slaves of the Beast which was, which is no longer and which reappears ”at the end of the bongoist times in the form of a golden calf all yellow.
What is the consequence of the adoration of the golden calf in 2016 and the yellow solution, "free from need and fear"? What is the continuation of the mantra “liberate freedom” and freedom?
It is obviously appalling: the Beast that was (Omar Bongo, 2009), it is no longer (Ali Bongo, 2018). And she reappears (Pascaline Bongo, "the second black panther" of the symbols of Gabon, by her own admission and via Jean PING in 2016).
Pastors of the golden calf in 2016, like the priests of 2009, did not realize that they behaved exactly like the priest "Aaron", who during the satanic worship of the golden calf by the People in desert, did not ask the right questions: What is Moses doing on the mountain?
Is it normal to worship again "" the beast that was and that is no longer "?
Because the 2016 project had a spiritual unconscious goal to restore "the Beast that was" until the death of Omar Bongo and who is no longer since 2009, condemned that it had been by his own Antichrist: Father Bongo .

V. On the golden calf of 2016 and Revelation 17, 8: "And the inhabitants of the earth, those whose names were not written since the foundation of the world in the book of life, will be amazed when they see the beast, because it was, and is no longer, and will reappear. "

a) In 2016, the Gabonese ready to do anything to get rid of Ali were in amazement but especially in wonder at the yellow electoral wave, like the golden calf. When the Apostle John speaks of wonder, he uses the same Greek word as wonder, that is, the word "thaumazo". The Gabonese were in the "thaumazo" from start to finish in 2016 but they did not understand in time that all this ecstasy is not enough.

b) The system, the Beast, the woman, the prostitute were looking for a new king, a new head to drive in 2016 even when the Antichrist Ali had failed, despite the blood libations and the questionable practices of his guru, Maixent Accrombessi.
From these specific facts, the men and women of God who embarked on the campaign “free from need and fear”, and whom we respect, could already have deciphered the symbols and the dynamics of the campaign and give discerning advice to avoid spilling blood and putting people in jail.

c) The campaign of “Gabon sheltered from need and fear” was built on a misunderstanding: for a fetishist people and easily manipulated, by the artifices of king money and by collective hypnosis, it was enough, as for the late André Mba Obame, to have connections within the system, to have represented the system at the international level ... to defeat the Beast. But now, no one can defeat the Beast while being a part of the Beast. Because the System is "the Beast that was".

d) The Beast (the mystico-political system) of the country and far beyond, leads the evil woman, on the one hand; but on the other hand, the woman also leads the Beast. It’s a mutual service: you hold me and I hold you by the back skin. And the woman, the famous Prostitute (crowned with diamonds, covered with gold and silver dressed in purple and scarlet) is the esoteric-religious system of the Institutions not only of the State but of all of society. start with the smallest of the villages.
The spiritual fornication of the Beast, of the Gabonese Antichrist (the main head of the Beast and of the lady on the beast, begins in the cults of the symbolic or real blood libations at the top of the System of the famous "Gabonese realities to descend to 'at “meetings of parents of pupils” or the libations of palm wine which sometimes turn to mystico-political meetings.

e) The Gabonese Antichrist, Ali Bongo, declared after the riots of August 31, 2016 that "those who died did not die for democracy".
In other words, they died for nothing!
- They died for having let themselves be deliberately abused by a stratagem of the Beast (the mystico-political system of Gabon) which forms with its main head (the Antichrist, the king, the President in any case, one of the 7 heads of the Beast): Pascaline Bongo's strategy of cloning "the Beast that was", in the form of a little golden calf animated by Jean Ping, consisted in bringing disproportionate hope to a hungry and thirsty people in the desert of negritude.
After 50 years of servitude of "the Beast that was", the people were to later worship the golden calf as a new hope and a new god.
"Men and women of God" will be recruited for this purpose and the people will follow, of course.
- He did not know, this good people, that in 2016, as in 2009, anyone could beat the Gabonese Antichrist in the presidential election in August. Anyone, except an actor, associated mystico-politically with the Beast and the woman seated on the Beast as well as with the Gabonese Antichrist.
Why else did the opposition break up the August 7, 2009 demonstration?
It is clear: the official Gabonese opposition formed a single entity with the Beast, the head of the Beast or the Antichrist as well as the woman seated on the Beast and this opposition could not play with the Beast since it was part of the Beast.
Besides, the “arrogance” that I manifested in the opposition and much later in the heart of power showed that I was not an “associate of the devil”, that I was not one and same entity with the Beast, the head of the Beast and the woman but that I was
myself a "positive beast": "the lamb of Moabi" that the People have so far failed to understand. And as long as the people do not follow the lamb, they will not move an inch.
Precisely, it is Pascaline Bongo, one of the personifications of the Beast who reappears in panther but in reality in golden calf who sits on gold and silver, who has given me the name "lamb" after our first meeting in Libreville in July 2009.

f) The yellow gold calf of 2016 was an attempt at mystical-political cloning of "the Beast which was and it is no longer (Revelation 17, 8" and who wanted to return to the end of Bongoist times (2009 - 2016) in an attempt to reappear in the form of a promise: the golden calf that we eat together (we are together) because we would be in the “desert” of poverty of the rich Gabon arrived “At l 'free from want and fear' by the operation of the Holy Spirit.
At no time will people ask questions about who is organizing all this poverty? Pascaline Bongo! One of the personifications in Gabon of the woman (ultra rich and powerful) who sits on the Beast (mystico-political-financial) of "the Beast which was, which is no longer ... and which reappears" at the end of time (bongoists).
So, the yellow color of 2016, the exaggerated exaltation of freedom, popular delirium, the blood of the innocent ... and the bitter tears of Gabonese mothers in search of their loved ones ... all the signs of yellow fever showed that the "Beast that was" sought to return in 2016.

g) A mystico-political system whose ideology or spirituality or institutions (the woman seated on the back of the Beast) is based on tribalism and the family cannot survive long.
Only a national revolution aimed at putting everyone on an equal footing is necessary. It is necessary to break all the logics of clans and family to favor a positive evolution of Gabon.
But, you really have to be honest with people: forget the yellow wave of 2016 already. Your stubbornness to remain in the memory of "the Beast that was, it is no more. And she returns ", that’s what is blocking Gabon.

In conclusion, Ali Bongo no longer exists!
There is no point in looking for a new head, a new king, a new Antichrist to replace the head of Ali Bongo on the Beast of the Gabonese State.
It is necessary to fight the Beast which was by means of Providence, by the power of the slain lamb, which by the imitation of Christ sacrificed for the honor of all, since the hunger strike of 2009 until to his new exile which began at the end of 2018 through his necessary entry into the den of "the Beast which was, it is no more. And she comes back ”. Because it only takes one for the honor of a group to be saved from the destructive heat of a Beast.

Imhotep B. Ben Moubamba

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