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To my son, BBM Junior: " It was the sun that burned me"

Ben Moubamba Angkor 2019

To my son, BBM Junior :
"It was the sun that burned me! »

Never lower your eyes and never descend to the level of beings without metaphysical depth because they would have the strength or the money for them.

In these times of the global Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, you may hear about a controversy by which some non-black sorcerer's apprentices have offered to test vaccines among black Africans.
Why on blacks? You have to understand that the stigma that black people have suffered since the fifteenth century is in no way justified on a spiritual, intellectual and political level.

One of their sirens in the Bible, however, said this in The Song of Songs: "Pay no attention to my dark complexion: It was the sun that burned me. My mother's sons were angry with me, They made me keeper of the vines. My vineyard, I did not keep it. "

I. The word "melanin" comes from the Greek term "melanos" which simply means "black".
In fact, in the sacred language of the pharaohs and therefore of the "ancient Africans", in the earliest ages of today's civilization, the word "KM, KMT, black" immediately referred to the darkness of certain humans.
The color "black" has always been associated with where the world we know began, with what is complete, perfect, united, that is to say, gathered and accomplished in darkness.

And now, among the varieties of the human species, it is the black human, in other words, the Kemit (KMT) which has an overabundance of melanin in its skin, higher than the world average. How is it possible ? Because, of course, of its permanent exposure to the ultra-violet and very hot rays of the sun.

We have been blamed for 5 centuries because of the black color of our body.
On June 8, 1454, black Africans received the sky on the head by the grace of a Pontifical Decree, of a papal bull, in reality equivalent to a kind of "fatwa", of a religious decree unprecedented, from the Supreme Religious Guide of the whole West, the Pope of Rome, by the Bull ROMANUS PONTIFEX.
The enterprise of exterminating blacks by "perpetual servitude", slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and globalism with the blessing of the Vatican became manifest.

II. By the "religious decree" ROMANUS PONTIFEX, the theological and political power of the Vatican (NB: I am a Christian but enlightened by the Egyptian "lights" or rather KMT or Kamit) was to produce a document similar to Adolf's "Mein Kampf" Hitler, a few centuries later, in Germany, a necessary ideological basis which decomplexed the Western Christians in order to reduce the Blacks to "perpetual servitude".
And it was a fundamentalist decision with incalculable fatal consequences, but very Catholic, on the part of Pope Nicolas V (another Nicolas of the Sarkozy genre).
By virtue of a misunderstanding of melanin, alas ... melanin, a chance for the human race during the conquest of the space to come (for example) and it is the blacks who keep it in reserve for the humanity of the coming centuries.
What did the blacks do to the Roman Pontiff Nicolas V, to the point that he cursed melanin in his Bubble or his ROMANUS PONTIFEX Decree?

Nicolas V simply reduced the blacks to "perpetual servitude" and asked the Portuguese to do what they wanted with the Africans. And the Portuguese will sweep across Africa, baptizing us with all kinds of ridiculous names.

And it is not because we will elect an “African Pope” tomorrow, “almost at the end of the world, according to the expression of Pope Francis at the Balcony of Saint Peter, on March 13, 2013 (to redo the blow of Barack Obama, the African-American President who destroyed Libya with President Sarkozy and Prime Minister David Cameron) that will be erased with a blow of censer the "negrophobic tsunami" generated in Saint Peter of Rome, in beginning of the year, from January 8, 1454.
The "ROMANUS PONTIFEX", this unnamed error of Vaticanism must not be forgiven until the day when the Vatican will publicly denounce this Decree worthy of Seth against his brother Osiris signed by Nicolas V.
What even "Saint" Jean-Paul 2 could not undo with the approach of the year 2000 during requests for forgiveness to the whole world except Africa, Pope Francis who presented himself as "l 'Bishop of Rome', elected 'almost at the end of the world', as we recalled, in his own words at the Balcony of Saint Peter, on the evening of his election on March 13, 2013, will he to cancel ?
Will he be able to repeal the Bubble of Woe that blocked Africa's development, via his Predecessor Nicolas V? It’s okay to doubt it, right?

III. Going back to melanin, a chance for nature in general and for human nature in particular, it is a natural sunscreen that protects against sunburn and several skin diseases including cancer.
Nothing less but everything more!
Melanin is the main biological pigment responsible for coloring the skin, as everyone should know.
The abundance of melanin produces organisms or bodies that perform extremely well physically, mentally and spiritually.
The fact that non-blacks have less melanin may help to understand why their conception of eternity is so different from blacks.

And, why they are so aggressive towards humans of black color.
Non-blacks, for example, lack such deep spirituality that they find it difficult to easily connect to the universe that surrounds them naturally to capture the waves of the cosmos without systematically going through technology, "technê" of the Greeks and the Romans, who never guaranteed them an Empire for a thousand years, unlike the three thousand years of Egyptian civilization.

When they are religious, non-blacks find it difficult to connect with the dark matter that fills the universe like ether or the famous "Holy Spirit" of Christians.
They then take refuge behind a very cerebral conception of spirituality because they cannot connect with nature instantaneously, with universal Providence and with the divinity in a simplified, intuitive and without artifices.
It is that, non-blacks, find it difficult to establish themselves in what the Kemit (blacks) call the "mast", in other words: peace, justice, universal harmony. That is why, they love to force nature by the Greco-Roman or even Asian "technique" and to force things to destroy them in the name of progress, science, industry, violence, war (they love moreover deities of the war but it is especially the fruit of an imagination which wants to be aggressive above all), of the destruction of the environment in general and of human nature and specifically of black human nature. They confuse aesthetics with beauty as if a black buffalo from Gabon was less beautiful than a blond bull from Spain, when it is only a matter of natural necessity.

IV. In addition, as the sensory system associated with melanin is lacking in some non-blacks (from Vikings to the Mediterranean passing by some Asians, some Arabs or Caucasians ... yes, there is a variety of races among non -black as in blacks), non-blacks, find it difficult to easily have the intuition of everything that is fundamentally "One", harmonious and pacified in nature and at the heart of space-time. They glorify the law of the strongest and fear only death ... death, a chance for the human soul to redeploy like a metaphysical butterfly.

This is why, the territories of non-blacks are the most saturated with human blood since the dawn of the world. It is impossible to count the number of conflicts that have taken place there.
As a black man, it will be very easy for you and without perfect mastery of the mathematical measurement of musical scores, to connect to the harmony of the world to listen to the music of the spheres or the muses.
This is why you can invent all the music possible in your head and without ever having received an adequate musical training ... because the ultraviolet rays of the Sun have written them in your DNA and they connect you to the matrix of the cosmos.
This capture of the harmony of the spheres of the universe, is done by melanin, the pigment which covers blacks in abundance, before the information reaches the brain).
And a non-black, whose body will decompose one day like yours, he will laugh at your color, under what? In the name of which ontology? For what principles, what values ​​and what standards? He's funny!

V. On a global and unconscious level, there is nevertheless in the collective psyche of non-blacks, this awareness that the Kemit, the black, is essential in the interactions which govern human consciousness with energy and therefore strength. black that animates the cosmos.
And it is for this reason that the men (and women) of law (lawyers) or the classical and rock musicians who are supposed to represent the notions of justice, peace and harmony of the world ... c that is to say the so -called Egyptian "mast", always wear black clothes.

They unconsciously know that the light of truth comes out of black, that black represents balance, the force of the cosmos which is essentially dark matter.
God thinks of the world in the dark and the emergence of realities including the billions of billions of suns, is made from inter-sidereal black.

So black is not negative but positive!
Scientifically (we'll come back to this), the universe is essentially made up of dark matter from which stars and galactic systems arise, as if by accident.

VI. My boy, you will also find that during mourning, people wear mostly black because in reality, black does not really symbolize sadness but the hope of an awakening after night.
We unconsciously wear the color black during mourning because we unconsciously feel that this color allows the elevation of the soul towards a new, m dimension, because we remember without really thinking about it, that everything comes out of the black: the plants come out from black earth, babies are conceived in the dark and come out of the black of the maternal womb.
The idea of ​​raising the soul comes from the "old Africans", all black as coal, long before the colonial age, who thought that everything that represented black was synonymous with resurrection or rebirth.
By taking the example of day and night: the "ancient Africans" considered the night, in fact, as a moment of regeneration of the living being.
In fact, the bright light of day is an offspring of darkness and of night.
The ancient Africans, black as coal, thought that day and night were one and the same thing.
An endless cycle, like that of death and life.
Today, although we condemn darkness and the night, out of ignorance, fear and alienation by means of horror films produced by non-blacks often, it must be remembered that all human beings have been designed, most of the time, in this darkness, say of the night and where one felt so good.
This is why some Africans claim that God is black!
They say it in fact because they assimilate them assimilate God to the universe which contains essentially and scientifically, we said it, of the dark matter in majority, all the rest of the cosmos being lit only by suns, here and there, with their galactic systems.
Blacks do not think that God, the Great Cosmic Black, exists as an exalted Supreme Being in the imaginative part of the human brain, a Being who is to be the object of specific veneration.
For blacks who feel the burning of melanin in their DNA, acting like solar collectors, God, the sun, that is to say the pure Intellect, manifests in realities, by means of universal Providence, like an emanation of particles or waves that ignite all parts of the world through natural laws.
This is why a blossoming of magicians are constantly trying to manipulate these natural and therefore "divine" laws in individuals, too must, instead of trying to understand the first principles of the universe, down to the source.

VII. Blacks think deep down that it is dark energy, a dark and therefore hidden divine force, that rules reality here, elsewhere or somewhere.
For black Africans, in the deepest sense of the concept (the Kamit, the blacks), God, as he is known and explained by the three monotheistic religions of non-blacks basically, does not exist.

It is a construction, an anthropomorphic and patriarchal reduction of reality as it is received by non-black humans who, from time immemorial, have sought to overcome a certain insensitivity to the world by myths, metaphysics and morals imported from ancient Egypt but lived too coldly or purely mechanically.

Those who persist in seeking God again today through fairy tales and Santa Claus or in the mirages of the distance, outside themselves and outside the world, they have only to look in a mirror and they will each see themselves in the guise of a god, that is to say in the guise of an intellect with the power to imagine, think and organize reality.

Melanin, in other words, darkness is a gift of the universe to the human race and not a disease. This is why it is also written in their Bible (2 Corinthians 4, 6-7):
"Let the light shine in the midst of darkness ... But this treasure, we carry it in vases made of clay, so that it is the extraordinary power of God (the Rising Sun) which manifests, and not our own capacity "
God, for the ancient Africans, the ancestors of the blacks, was never a question of blind belief but above all, of experience and knowledge of all the mysteries and therefore of universal science.
And all this under a Sun (a super Intellect) of justice and truth, not far from a fountain of grace, in other word, in the form of universal Providence.

Imhotep B. Ben Moubamba

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