"The history of Gabon is also my history!
Their suffering is my suffering!
Ben Moubamba

Ben Moubamba Gabon After!


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This picture is from Jerome Senyarich-Edot in 2016 for presidential election


« The history of Gabon and Gabonese is also my history! Their suffering is my suffering! »
Ben Moubamba aka Imhotep
Philosopher and politician.

I have actually been fighting since 1997 against the Bongo-PDG system: from Radio Soleil when I returned to Gabon in September 1997 in Sindara for my second return to Gabon in 1999. Going through the 2008 Open Letter, the strike of the hungry in 2009, the Mba Obame government in 2010-2011, the creation of the National Union, the trip to Addis Ababa in 2011, the arrival at the UPG between 2011 and 2012, the locals in 2013 and the attacks in Ndendè to Moabi from 2013, the arrival of Jean Ping in 2014 and the crisis of the UPG, the expulsion Manu Militairi from the headquarters of the UPG in Libreville - Awendjé and exile in Libreville - Belle Vue in 2015, the violent presidential election of 2016 and the entry into the Bongo Government, the ouster of the Bongo Government in 2017, the fatal betrayal of Ali Bongo of 2018 during the legislative elections of October 6, the new political exile of 2019 and the return to Gabon of 2020.

I. I was born in Libreville Gabon, in the popular district of the Sorbonne-Bus station, an under-integrated and therefore very poor neighborhood. My educational path started with the Sorbonne primary school in Libreville, continued with the obtaining of a baccalaureate of ES series (economy) in Libreville, at Collège Bessieux, thanks to an indescribable desire to overcome the bad comes out of destiny but above all thanks to an effect of divine Providence on my modest person. After my baccalaureate, I started studying philosophy and communication at Bordeaux III in the south-west of France, before completing my academic career with a doctorate in philosophy at Reims University and another doctorate in social sciences and policies of the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), in Paris.
I followed a training in human resources management at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in Reims which led me to take an interest in organizational sciences.

II. Professional career: I started a short journalist career in Gabon at Africanumero 1 then at Radio Soleil, an opposition media, in 1997/1998. Then, I participated in the creation of a Gabonese Catholic radio station in 1999, in Libreville, Radio Sainte-Marie, while working in France at Radio Notre Dame and as a columnist on KTO French Catholic television then as Director of RCF in Gap in the Hautes French Alps.

III. Civil society actor: engaged in humanitarian activities from 1999 to 2008 in Gabon on the Catholic sites of Sindara, Fernan Vaz and Ndjolé, I was strongly persecuted there by the Gabonese authorities. Which led me to join in 2007-2008, the Gabonese civil society committed against corruption.

I was first designated by Marc Ona Essangui as Spokesperson for the Free Actors of Gabonese Civil Society in 2007-2008, I was then the very controversial author of an "open letter" to the Gabonese President Omar Bongo Ondimba in which I asked the second president of Gabon (1967 - 2009) in December 2008, for accounts on the financial management of Gabon during its 42 years of presidency.
This letter earned me a hunt by the Defense and Security Forces in general and an assassination attempt by the Judicial Police which I escaped by hurriedly leaving the country with the help of civil society and the International community.
As a result of this affair and the fierce international reaction, including from the United States Congress, on the one hand; And on the other hand. faced with the abuse of the Gabonese authorities, the interior minister at the time organized a press conference during which I was accused of wanting to destabilize the state. Overnight, the humanitarian and associative actor that I was, was propelled to the front of the political scene.

IV. I was put “in political orbit” on April 4, 2009 during the Reims Forum which called for a new partnership between Europe and Africa for the enrichment of African populations and a positive revival of major African works .
The Reims congress gathered nearly five hundred Gabonese and was broadcast live on the internet and deferred by the Africa 24 channel.
This democratic event welcoming members of the Gabonese regime as well as opponents and free African actors was a decisive turning point: I called President Omar Bongo, who was to leave Gabon on a stretcher a month later (May 6 2009), to "recover before it is too late".

V. Rewards: in May and June 2009, I was decorated with the gold medal of the European Star of civil and military devotion and the gold medal of the Universal League of public good for my humanitarian commitment and politics in Gabon. Gabonese opponent, president of the political party of the Alliance for Change and Renewal (ACR) and former minister, I was elevated on Monday November 17, 2019 in Moscow, to the rank of Ambassador of Peace within the framework of the United Nations .

VI. Political career: I was an independent candidate for the Gabonese presidential election of August 30, 2009. During the 2009 election campaign, I denounced an "electoral coup" calling for the suspension of the electoral process. I went on a hunger strike from August 15 to 30, 2009 in front of the Gabonese National Assembly.
In 2010, I confused the National Union party with former PDG officials who were in the opposition, including the late André MBA OBAME. I joined in January 2012 the Union of the Gabonese People (UPG), a party founded by the historic opponent Pierre Mamboundou Mamboundou (died October 15, 2011 in conditions still unclear) while "claiming for history my role of co-founder of the National Union party ”.
On August 7, 2009, I launched a call with other Gabonese citizens to demonstrate in Libreville to demand the resignation of candidate Ali Bongo from the Ministry of Defense.
Unauthorized, the demonstration was suppressed by tear gas and resulted in violent clashes with the police. After a protester was injured, I turned to the police, shirt open, yelling, "Shoot, shoot! Security forces must protect Gabonese! You have no right to massacre your own people. ”
In February 2013, I was appointed by the executive secretary of the Union of the Gabonese People (UPG) to the post of responsible for communication, economy, digital economy and relations with constitutional institutions.
During a "last chance congress" for the UPG, from April 10 to 11, 2015, I was appointed president of the UPG with 94% of the votes, but contested by some of the party's "historians".
Independent candidate for the presidential election of August 27, 2016 to avoid a conflict in the courts by a fringe of the UPG, I presented myself without partisan label to the presidential election, I contributed to the return of peace following the violence and the deaths caused by the announcement of the results on August 31, 2016.
Expelled manu militari in 2015 from the UPG headquarters in Libreville (Awendjé), by 200 heavily armed security forces, I was forced to create another Party on October 15, 2016

VII. On October 2, 2016, I was appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Town Planning, Social Housing and Housing. When I arrived at the Department of Housing, I said this:  "Land is a problem in Gabon. Gabonese are called upon to all have land titles.
The objective of this project is to identify the occupiers of land throughout the national territory." In mid-January 2017 I suspended Mr. Juste Valère Okologo from his duties as general manager of the Société Nationale Immobilière (SNI), but he remained in his post.
On February 3, 2017, following an outing on the suspension of salaries of striking teachers whose radiation I disputed, I was cropped by the Minister of Communication and government spokesman Billie-By-Nze. On August 21, 2017 I was reappointed in the second Issozet Ngondet government but I was demoted to the rank of Minister of State, a clear violation of the August 2016 agreements with President Ali Bongo.

VIII. The Prime Minister's economic policy was to become a social financial disaster: the Prime Minister, Emmanuel Issozet Ngondet, whose economic policy I was questioning based on over-indebtedness, asked for my departure from the government on September 6, 2017 and Ali Bongo gave a favorable response to this request supported by all the tenors of the Government.
After a year of crossing the desert, I won the legislative election of Moabi in Nyanga on October 6, 2018 but the ruling party (led by Brice Fargeon called also Lacruche Alihanga and Nourredin Bongo Valentin, respectively Cabinet Director and son of 'Ali Bongo, maneuvered to make me lose the election.
I complained to President Ali Bongo officially about a form of betrayal of principles on October 22, 2018 as the President arrived in Ryad.
On October 24, 2018, he was struck by a stroke in Saudi Arabia.

IX. Epilogue: after "congratulating" the candidate of the ruling party who had stolen a cash victory from Moabi, I left the country for a long walk abroad before returning to Gabon on the Day of Providence.

- Zero hour more or less infinity / A drama book published by Éditions du Jubilé / Le Sarment in 2001 https://www.furet.com/livres/zero-heure-plus-ou-oulez-l-infini-bruno-ben-9782866793180.html
- The Cité de Permanence, published by Éditions Universitaires Européennes in 2019.
- Seed of Eternity / A work of liturgical music published by Éditions de l'Emmanuel in 2006.

B. Ben Moubamba

2020 Mar 15

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